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I understand your first glimpse on this page may come as a surprise.  But stay a bit and look around. 

I'm a Christian and I strive to focus on where Jesus plants my feet in this journey called life.  I've spent many years in sadness and isolation (although I was seen as the social extrovert), and thankfully realized I wasn't going to find freedom from my pain or clarity for my confusion by my own doings.

Instead, I look to our Divine Creator and found (and still finding) answers.  All of us, no matter what we've done or struggle with, are offered grace and forgiveness.  Only until I really grasped this truth did I find true freedom.  As I continue to expand in my faith I've realized there is a deeper purpose for my life (not to live out my self-focused desires).  Now I strive to help others who might not know God, their purpose in life, or by being a safe person to talk to.

I've made many mistakes and continue to do so, but I have a Savior who's been there, understands every little thing and draws me to Him in any instant, for healing.


My Partners

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